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Eve Bicker

Eve Bicker is originally from Scotland. Her journey to America started when she took up work at a summer camp for individuals with disabilities located in Wisconsin. Following her time at the camp, she decided to try out Wisconsin full time and is currently enjoying life in the USA. Eve has worked with individuals with diverse abilities for over ten years and has extensive knowledge and experience with this community. Eve has a passion to help others see the beauty in themselves and has devoted her career to this through All Star. 


Health and fitness have always been a huge part of Eve’s life. When she was younger, she played numerous sports at competitive levels which made for a natural progression into the health and fitness industry. Her parents encouraged sports from a young age as she was always very active and on the move!  Eve gained all her fitness qualifications in Scotland and has gained reciprocity to practice in America. She is always immersing herself in all things health and fitness. Eve is motivated by the euphoria she experiences in helping clients achieve their goal and get the results that they work so hard for. She loves to spend time socializing with people and help them develop a positive relationship with nutrition and fitness.  Eve started instructing exercises classes in  Scotland  where she taught water aerobics, circuits, abs, kettlebells and spin cycle. Eve has trained a wide range of people and is also very experienced in adaptive fitness. She continues to pursue her passion of health through the instruction of classes and personal training sessions at All Star Health Center. Eve recognizes each individual’s potential and ability, making sure to tailor every exercise to the individual. Eve is excited to be part of a health center which brings members of the community together and where  exercise is accessible for everyone.


Due to her passion and enthusiasm, Eve has been granted the role of Fitness director. This allows Eve to help on-board while continuing to develop fun and exciting workouts to meet the needs of every client. She is very excited to be fitness director at All Star where community members can truly be themselves. Eve feels very fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to run the fitness center and be part of each individual's fitness journey.

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