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Brian Devorkin

Brian Devorkin is currently a student at the University of Michigan. As he entered the university setting, he came across something that has resonated with him ever since-- the Wellness Wheel. The Wheel consists of eight different dimensions that all contribute to improving the users' well-being. At school, Brian found that people who were conscious of their personal dimensions were most in touch with their wellness. This inspired him to be more aware of his daily actions to better fulfill his wheel. Through his wellness explorations, Brian found certain dimensions were more prominent to him than others. For example, he realized how important the physical activity dimension was for his continued success. Over time, his roots grew deeper into the university and he began to see a huge lack of physical wellness in many of the students, faculty, and community’s lives. While some of these individuals had tried exercising and failed to share the same passion as Brian, others had simply never been exposed to physical activity. It is with great pleasure that Brian is able to bring such opportunities to an underrepresented community as a member of the All-Star Health Center.

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