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Cindy Brotzman

Cindy Brotzman is a renaissance woman committed to providing education, training, and support wherever she goes. Having graduated with a degree in physiology and psychology, she’s continued her education through the pursuit of special needs training, nutrition, and corrective exercise certifications. During her pursuit, she’s constantly applied what she’s learned through teaching others – Cindy is a proud homeschool mom of five, and has led both Silver Sneakers and Parkinson’s exercise classes. For many years, she specialized in individual health coaching services, which she uses now to build connections with those she trains. Cindy holistically meets everyone where they feel comfortable, and then helps them work towards their goals in a healthy, confident way.

Now that Cindy works with All Star, she’s able to take her lifetime experience and passion for sports and fitness and give others the same spark. Cindy is excited to be a part of the All Star team to help others shine brightly.

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