Jason Jordan

I am excited to be at All Star Health Center and to work with the amazing staff and clients here!  I have 25 years of experience teaching martial arts and over 20 years of fitness training.  I also worked for 15 years in education and have 4 years of teaching dance. I appreciate the opportunity to be here and love to share my talents.


My plan at All Star is to change our clients' lives by improving their fitness while creating a relaxed, yet motivational atmosphere for training. Furthermore; I aim to enrich our clients' lives through martial arts and dance. In adding these skills, a client can expect improved confidence, coordination and fitness. 


In my freetime, I am lead singer and guitarist for a rock band, deliver verbal de-escalation seminars and partake in many activities such as tennis, basketball and chess.


If you know someone that would benefit from the programs listed above, please contact us to set up an appointment.