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While working with individuals with disabilities, it became apparent that society is remarkably inclusive. The extensiveness of the opportunities available for these individuals is extraordinary. The vast majority limits social lives to interaction with other like-minded individuals.  Where society offers endless opportunities to our youth- the same is not true for those with those in this community. Ironically, inclusion is a critical aspect of life especially in terms of enjoyable activities. Yet, there is still a disconnect between individuals with disabilities and exercise. Many have succumbed to extra-curricular as simply consisting of arts and crafts, playtime, and dress up. They have not had the opportunity to realize that there are other forms of entertainment such as exercise. To close this gap, we hope to expose this community to a life involving exercise and healthy habits. Our mission is to expand exposure to this lifestyle empowering these individuals to explore opportunities otherwise not available.



 Lifestyle choices are often limited and defined by society’s prejudices and preconceived notions. By way of example, it is not uncommon for a doctor who consults an overweight individual with a disability, to have an immediate preconceived notion about the excessive weight. The doctor assumes the individual is incapable of living a healthy lifestyle. Each individual can be addressed with a modified or specific wellness plan. With the right lifestyle choices, positive change is possible for everyone. This underlying inspiration is our platform and the foundation that All Star Health Center is built upon. Our ultimate mission is to eliminate the stigma surrounding individuals with disabilities. We will embrace promoting a lifestyle of healthy change in their current life.  

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